Friday, 25 October 2013

A Maker's Mark

Banner Weathervane, repaired
A break in the clouds allowed a last shot of the repaired copper weathervane. The copper rivets, used to restore the pointer to it's original position, can clearly be seen.

Brass plate with hand-hammered copper rivets

The original signature on the antique weathervane for the local church was probably the nicest "find". We stamp all our work with "GREEN" and the date and number (if the design has been repeated). In the case of the repair above (note the original patina on the copper...beautiful!) Gordon stamped his initials and "2013". Loving the hand-hammered copper rivets, allowing the repair to be undertaken without the use of the torches. I assume the original maker's mark is from 1880, but what if it's 1720!
Original Maker's Mark:

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