Thursday, 31 January 2013

Over the Moon!

Swan in Flight

We couldn't resist getting our most recent design out in the sun for a photo shoot. This swan in flight is a reworking of an earlier design from the portfolio, and will be available for purchase soon. We started this design at "Art in Action" last year, so only 6 months from start to completion! I love it in silhouette over the moon cardinals. It reminds me of the Felix Neck t-shirt I had in the 70's (did we have the bumper sticker too?)...I am sure their logo used to be a swan silhouetted over the sun. Anyone remember?

More pictures to come!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Flight of the Hare

A popular weathervane from the portfolio, this version of the stylized hare is the fifth in the series.  And it's off to new it's home in New York!

The hare is photographed over the pine trees of the Duchy of Cornwall's Guy's Estate.  These managed woodlands boast dramatic views of the Golden Valley and are home to deer and pheasant. To get this view, we pulled on our wellies and tromped over a few fields dotted with hay bales. We could still see bits of snow on the Black Mountains.

The hare measures 28 inches long, and is designed to rotate over a fixed crescent moon. The overall design measures 31 inches tall. 

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Squirrel Weathervane

A few weathervanes went out just before Christmas with designs based on previous commissions. The first was based on our green woodpecker weathervane, replacing the shunya yantra with the client's house name. Then another based on the same design, instead using a grey squirrel and a pierced Canadian maple leaf. And finally a smaller version of our hovering kestrel weathervane. 

But the breaking news is our new wood stove  (installed last week).   After much research we decided on a Relax wood stove. The guy who did the flue had never seen one before and neither had we actually, until we opened the box! It is top loading and we can pack it full of large logs, offcuts and even sawdust and it pelts out heat. Brilliant. A friend has just built a rocket stove for his workshop, so it will be interesting to compare the two as winter progresses.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Artist's Bowtop Gypsy Caravan

Openlot bowtop caravan
A beautiful original wagon in lovely condition with professionally hand painted exterior.
Good wheels & tyres, and working brakes. Includes stove, large kettle box, good canvas sheet, rear window, new steps and bent shafts. Pull-out double bed with plenty of cupboard space. Has been dry stored in winter.

Reluctant sale :(

Our full advert should be  here within the next week.