Friday, 9 March 2012

Down to Bath and the Blackbirds leave the studio

All the painting, palladium leafing and gilding is complete on the blackbirds commission. Even the new webpage is poised for publishing, just awaiting the clients receipt of the weathervane.

The daffodils and the magnolia are ready to pop in the garden, so it feels like Spring is about to explode on the scene.

We are off down to the opening of the Compassionate Eye exhibition at Claverton Manor (the American Museum in Britain). Our trotting Morgan horse and Montagu's harrier hawk weathervanes have joined the exhibition, which is of some significance to the studio! Hopefully it will be a nice excursion, especially as driving over the bridge at Bristol always reminds me of crossing the Bourne bridge on the way to the ferry in Woods Hole (MA)...ferry boats make me homesick. And then there is nothing quite like driving South to see Springs progress.

If the arrival of winter is "the hawk has landed", what would the arrival of Spring be?