Sunday, 29 April 2012

Gilding the Montagu's & a Rooster from the past

Well, the rooster is cleaned and ready for shipping, commissioned as a present from husband to wife on her birthday. This design is based on the very first motif Gordon and I created as "Greens Weathervanes". At the start of our business, the focus was on designs dripping with detail. Taking out the patterns for something produced over 15 years ago is always a beautiful thing. The drawing and patterns fall out of the envelope like pressed autumn leaves...brittle with age and use. All the patterns from this era are in a similar state, scribbled with notations, delicately folded, yellowing and in some cases held together with tape. Nonetheless carefully packed away and stored for the future. These early designs, the peacock, Alice's White rabbit, the croquet players and this rooster, are the foundations of our business; they planted the seed.

The Montagu's harrier hawk is also from this period. Today is the start of the gilding of this dramatic bird in flight. Like the rooster, the Montagu's was commissioned by a husband and wife...but, this time for a double celebration; their wedding anniversary and the birth of their son.

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