Monday, 27 February 2012

Three Little Pigs

Last Sunday we drove to Shropshire to pick out three pigs from a litter of Saddleback-cross-Tamworths . There were eight in the litter, and we picked the three "girls" named Sally "Sunshine", Trixie and Ginger Nut. It's your job to match each name to the pig, from the picture above.

The weekend was spent wrapping a goose weathervane for shipment to Scotland, priming the blackbirds weathervane for palladium leafing, and building a pigpen. Very happy pigs, dashing around in the green grass! Just as we were congratulating ourselves on a job well done, though, who should come wondering into the kitchen but the three little pigs. They must have followed their noses over the field, under the gate, across the lane, straight back into the yard, on in through the back door & into the kitchen. That'll teach us!

1 comment:

  1. The story of the adventures of Sally Sunshine, Ginger Nut and Trixie has kept a smile on my face through a very trying week. Love the Weathercock