Wednesday, 19 October 2011


I bought J.D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye, last year in the hopes of sharing one of my favourite authors with the kids. We even brought it in the Land Cruiser to Cornwall this summer, and still it remained unread. So last week when I was sitting in the truck, glaring downhearted and overwhelmed at the tinstore, trying to work out how on earth (!) we will ever make it work as the studio, it caught my eye.
Now I am the type of book reader that is very greedy. I will read through the night, with one eye open if necessary, and miss a good part of work the next day...all for the sake of a good story. But this book is HUGE! Hugely wonderful, hugely life changing. Read it again. Then read it again.  I promise you Salinger is a genius. I can't work out how we will ever live without books. How they could be replaced with things like Kindels. To hold a book. To own it, have it on your shelf, to open and close it. Remarkable.
On finishing The Catcher in the Rye, I immediately bought Nine Stories, also by Salinger (and The Great Gatsby and The Handmaid's Tale). I always remember Teddy as being my favourite, but in re-reading all nine (in one day. Am I getting any work done?!), the list has completely reshuffled. I mean, who could resist A Perfect Day for Bananafish? Seymour and  young Sybil's conversation is so beautiful and funny and real....when talking of Little Black Sambo:

"Did the tigers run all around that tree?"
"I thought they'd never stop. I never saw so many tigers."
"There were only six," Sybil said
"Only six!" said the young man. "Do you call that only?"

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